Engineering Services

As one of the most active companies in the field of industrial control and automation, Omran Capital International has always strived to provide new and innovative solutions in this field. The company’s engineering solutions are based on valuable industry experience and backed by a strong engineering team.

The engineering services provided by the company are organized into two sections: industrial automation and diesel generator control.

Industrial Automation Department

  • Consulting and designing PLC-based industrial control systems
  • Consulting and design of HMI monitoring systems
  • Identification and modeling of industrial processes to implement control and automation systems
  • Providing consulting and technical services in the field of motion control systems
  • Identify the process, design and implementation of control algorithms to improve the performance and efficiency of the process under control
  • Providing optimal automation solutions for industrial units to reduce energy consumption and increase production

Engine and Generator Controls Department

  • Consulting, Designing and Implementation of Diesel and Gas Engine Generated Distribution Plants Control Systems
  • Consulting, design and implementation of hybrid power plant control systems
  • Design and implementation of synchronous generator systems with each other and with network
  • Implementation of power management systems, Peak Shaving, Load Reserve, Load Shedding
  • Consulting, designing and implementing power and heat co-generation systems (CHP)
  • Remote control and monitoring of dispersed power plants
  • Design and implementation of protection systems for generators of distributed generation and network interruption protection (LOM)
  • Design and implementation of systems (Diesel Drive)
  • Design and implementation of diesel power plant control systems for marine, rail and airport applications
  • Design and implementation of diesel engine control systems for marine and rail applications