DATAKOM AMF & MRS Controllers

Datakom (DKG and D series) Automatic Mains Failure Units are comprehensive AMF controllers for gas, diesel and petrol 1-3 phase generator set standby operations. These panels monitor phase voltages and controls the automatic starting, stopping and load transfer of the generating set in case of a mains failure and once the generator is running, it monitors internal protections and external fault inputs. If a fault condition occurs, the unit shuts down the engine automatically and indicates the failure source. There are many different features in Datakom AMF panels including mutual generator standby operations, mains and multiple generator synchronization, J1939 and MODBUS support, LAN and GSM remote monitoring and control. All these controllers can also be used for manual and remote generator control.

  • Diesel and gas genset support
  • Event logs, full snapshot
  • All parameters front panel editable
  • 3 level configuration password
  • 128x64 graphical LCD display
  • Configurable digital inputs
  • Configurable digital outputs
  • Configurable analog inputs
  • CANBUS-J1939
  • Configurable service alarms
  • Dual mutual standby with equal aging of gensets
  • Automatic fuel pump control
  • Excess power protection
  • Reverse power protection
  • Overload IDMT protection
  • Multiple load management
  • Current unbalance protection
  • Voltage unbalance protection
  • Idle speed control
  • Battery charge run enabled
  • Contactor & MCB drive
  • Fuel consumption counter

DKG series

The DKG series is a comprehensive AMF and MRS units for single genset standby. The units is available with MPU or CANBUS versions. The CANBUS version connects to ECU controlled electronic engines providing engine control, protection and instrumentation without extra senders.

DKG series provides a comprehensive set of digitally adjustable timers, threshold levels, input and output configurations, operating sequences and engine types. All programs may be modified via front panel pushbuttons, and do not require an external unit.

The WINDOWS based RAINBOW program allows remote monitoring and control.

This series includes models

  • DKG-105
  • DKG-107
  • DKG-207
  • DKG-109
  • DKG-307
  • DKG-309
  • DKG-114
  • DKG-116
  • DKG-227
  • DKG-119
  • DKG-317
  • DKG-319
  • DKG-110
  • DKG-151
  • DKG-155

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D series

THe D series is a next generation genset controller combining multi-functionality and wide communication capabilities together with a reliable and low-cost design. The same controller provides AMF, ATS, Remote Start, Engine Control and Remote Display Panel functionalities.

Various plug-in modules provide unlimited expansion capabilities allowing to meet any special requirement. D series complies and mostly exceeds world’s tightest safety, vibration and environmental standards for the industrial category.

Software features are complete with easy firmware upgrade process through USB port. The Windows based PC software allows monitoring and programming through USB, RS-485, Ethernet and GPRS.

This series includes models:

  • D-100 MK2
  • D-200 MK2
  • D-300 MK2
  • D-500 MK2

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